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Dog Food

Choose from a wide selection of healthy dog food. Grain-free all natural.

Healthy Dog Treats and Supplements

Dog Treats

Our healthy treats are made from the finest quality ingredients here in Michigan.

Dog Supplements

Dog Supplements

All-natural nutritional additives for healthy dogs from Healthy Dogma.

Combo Packs - Dog Food, Treats, Supplements

Immunity Packs

Combination packs address specific health issues and help you stock up!

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Learn how this family-owned start-up has shifted its focus from healing dogs with serious illnesses with supplements, to helping healthy dogs stay healthy with unique ingredients

Immune Support for Dogs

Healthy Dogma is the only U.S. pet supplement company offering hot water extracted mushroom supplements that match the potency and quality of the preparations used in Traditional Chinese Medicine


“Family Pet Integrative Medical Center is committed to improving the wellbeing of our pet patients.

We can’t say enough good things about Healthy Dogma PetMix. It has helped me to educate our clients about good nutrition and brought healthy satisfaction to our pet patients. Pets who were previously suffering chronic issues such as mal-digestion and allergies are able to live healthier lives thanks to the good food from Healthy Dogma. We are indebted to helping make home made food easy for pet owners.”

Dr. Sharon Glass

Veterinarian, Medical Director, Family Pet Integrative Medical Center

Fundraising With Healthy Dogma Dog Treats

Considering a new type of fundraiser? Selling Healthy Dogma Barkers can be a fresh and great way for your school or organization to raise the money it needs.


Nutritious Dog Food and treats

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