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We are certainly in cherry season, often due to an increased supply, which affects a nicer price.  Cherries are great, but not when it looks like there’s one sticking out of your dog’s eye!  Yes, there actually is an eye condition for our dogs called just that!  If afflicted with this, you can’t miss it!  A bulging red mass protrudes from the whites of the eye, on the lower, inner area, resembling a cherry!

Cherry eye involves the third eye, the membrane beneath their lower eye lid.

This is important in tear production and keeping eyes moist. The cause for this is not very well understood.   Sometimes, this condition develops as a protective response to an injury or tissue damage.  It could develop due to tissue hypertrophy, an increased size of the third eye of cells that already exist.  Another possibility could be that something weakened the fibrous connective tissue that usually keeps the third eyelid close to the eyeball.

Well, you can just imagine the discomfort this would generate, especially with each blink.  Dogs will paw at it, or rub their face into a carpet trying to get some relief.  This can become an additional danger for the eye, as it might scratch the surface or even cornea.  This would really impact their vision!  It also has the risk of becoming infected.

This can come on quite suddenly.  You might see your dog squinting.  Looking at those eyes, it will be apparent right away that something is wrong.  It will be an obvious new feature!   A trip to your vet as soon as possible is important.  Although this is not life threatening, you can help to prevent ocular damage.

Treatment usually involves topical antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, and surgery.  The latter is often necessary in repositioning the third eyelid gland and NOT removing it.  Remember, this is responsible for tear production, necessary for healthy eyes.  Should it ever be removed, then it would create dry eyes and the need for life long eye drops and probably closer monitoring for their eye health.

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