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K9 Immunotherapy Pack

Our dog immunotherapy pack combines our two most powerful immunotherapy supplements to deliver the highest level of support to critically ill dogs. How immunotherapy can work for your dog Canine immune systems compared to human immune systems The immune systems of...

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Dog Food Ingredients to Avoid

Do you know what you're feeding your dog? The Dirty Dozen - Dangerous Ingredients in Dog Food 1. Wheat The number one allergen in dogs and a contributing factor to canine obesity 2. Corn There is no redeemable nutritious value in any dog food listing this as an...

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Obesity In Dogs

A healthy life style for dogs is similar to their owners, it includes having an ideal weight.  It involves eating a nutritional diet and daily exercise.  Without this, health problems become an increasing danger.  If dogs are 10% to 20% above their ideal weight...

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11 Ways Carbs Hurt Your Dog

Veterinarians increasingly claim that carbohydrates, particularly grains, cause primary health problems for dogs and strongly recommend diets high in protein and fat but low in carbohydrates including starches. Since dogs are carnivores, they have evolved to thrive on...

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Ways to Save on Pet Costs

Friends of the furry or scaly variety hold an important place in many households, offering amusement, companionship, and even health benefits, according to some studies. On top of chewing through your favorite slippers, though, house pets can leave a hole in your...

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Your Dog’s Eye Health

How many times have you looked into the eyes of another and thought something was wrong?  Perhaps, you’ve heard this yourself.  They often indicate something is amiss either with our mental or physical health.  This is also true for your dog.  The eyes of canines are...

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