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What is Cherry Eye in Dogs?

We are certainly in cherry season, often due to an increased supply, which affects a nicer price.  Cherries are great, but not when it looks like there’s one sticking out of your dog’s eye!  Yes, there actually is an eye condition for our dogs called just that!  If...

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Healthy Living Tips for Your Dog

Bringing a new dog, or puppy into your home is a big responsibility.  It requires a consistent routine and an investment in a lot of time together.  Every minute invested in your pup has big returns.  It impacts their health, learning, and life long bonds.  You truly...

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The Dangers of Chocolate for Dogs

Original Post by: Danny Phillips Some people believe that giving a dog just a little chocolate won’t hurt them. Who can resist those puppy-dog eyes just begging for a treat? How bad can giving in to them really be? One word. Bad. As pet owners, we should know better...

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Human Treats that are Safe for Dogs

We've all done it, or know someone who has - giving into our pup's sweet, big, begging eyes and passing them a bite of our snack. While not all human treats are suitable for our dogs, there are a handful of foods that are safe (and healthy) to let fall off the table....

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Gluten Sensitivity in Dogs

We all want what's best for our best friends, and that includes ensuring that they have healthy dog food. We don't like seeing our dogs uncomfortable, but their diet may be the answer to some of their issues. There is an overload of grain in most modern commercial pet...

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