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Bringing a new dog, or puppy into your home is a big responsibility.  It requires a consistent routine and an investment in a lot of time together.  Every minute invested in your pup has big returns.  It impacts their health, learning, and life long bonds.  You truly have a new member of the family. Visit Healthy Dogma in Lake Orion, MI  to find an array of healthy food, treats, and supplements for your new addition!

Before long, you learn how to read your new dog, from both their verbal and nonverbal communication.

From the twitch of their ears, to how you’re looked at, to how some self-grooming begins.  Learning their idiosyncrasies will help you to know when any dog behavior becomes obsessive.  This would be an indication that something is wrong and a trip to the vet is needed.

Just like parents take their children annually for their well-child check-ups, our dogs need annual exams too.  They grow at a great rate and you can ward off many problems by maintaining that yearly plan.  You get to stay current with not only their overall health but dental health as well.  Maintaining correct doses of preventative dog medicines, usually based on weight is crucial for protection from heart worm, fleas, and ticks.  Vaccines should always be kept on schedule.

Quality dog food is key, especially in correct portion control sizes for age and weight.  Don’t let those puppy dog eyes trick you into giving them extra calories.  Dog treats shouldn’t be more than 10% of their daily caloric intake.  And please, refrain from sharing table food no matter how much begging they do.

Exercise and fresh air are important for everyone.  Whenever you are walking with your dog, fresh water will truly be enjoyed.  Any goals for hiking or jogging should wait a good year, so as not to injure their growth plates.  Just like with any exercise program for humans, with canines, you want to gradually build up endurance.

Through patience, time, and training, coupled with tiny treats and affectionate rewards, soon your buddy will enjoy any time together.  Life-long reviewing and practice will help maintain your dog’s quality health and the ability to come, sit, stay, and greet politely.


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