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K9 Critical Care Testimonials

Real Customers, Real Experiences

“My dogs love the PetMix & supplements. My vet was told me to take my Tazz home & enjoy what little time she had left due to lymphoma diagnosis…..that was over 3 yrs ago. Within a week on K9 Critical Care Pack & PetMix, she was up on her own. She returned to her playful self within a couple weeks. I was blessed by finding this site & Tazz is my miracle 4 legged child! As far as the vet, he’s still amazed!”            – Lisa L

“I’ve been ordering K9 Critical Care (for several months) We have never been disappointed with the ease of ordering or the speed at which the products arrive. Bonus–our beloved Australian Shepherd is now 14, enjoying life and the vet had said it would go very fast with the type of cancer she was diagnosed with last year. Glad we found your products on the internet.” – Chris

“Thank you! I have been a customer since 2012. Buddy and I love your products!”  – Patricia H

“I called to ask about supplements for my puppy and I spoke with a very helpful young lady. She advised I give my puppy Daily Care to keep her immune system healthy. She also suggested another high quality dog food which I’m going to check out. Great experience.” – Mary P

“Cerny is a 5 year cancer survivor and still creating hell and havoc because of your products and her natural food diet. Thanks for helping me keep her for all of these years. “ – Cheryl L

“We’ve used your products for our dogs for for years. Thank you. “ – Nancy L M

“We were suddenly faced with a very sick little long haired Dachshund. At the recommendation of a friend who uses your products we ordered some. At first he would not eat it but after adding a few things he is now eating and feeling better.” Curtis W

“Have always received orders quickly and great customer service. Best dog food our German Shorthaired Pointers hair is beautiful and shines, no dog smell and haven’t had any health problems. ” – GSP M

“My dogs love the PetMix, especially the chicken variety.” – Catherine P

“Excellent service and shipping and of course food. My dogs are thriving.” – Elizabeth J

“I always enjoy your products. I have confidence feeding my dog your products. Thank You!” – Deborah S

“I am a very satisfied customer” – Ria R

“Online ordering is easy but when I have needed customer service the service has been great. My Jack Russell is doing extremely well on your food. He gains weight easily but this food has kept him trim and his coat is very shiny and soft. With a busy life style, the “just add water” option has been so helpful!” Jody

“Thanks for getting my order out so quickly. Samantha has cancer and is doing well on the supplements and the PetMix; I’d hate for her to miss them for even one day.”  Samantha M

“My 3 year old female pitbull was diagnosed with mast cell cancer and I was told that chemo was the only option. I am against chemo in animals because I do not want their life to suffer one little bit. Because I am against going the chemo route, I did my research and found K9 Critial Care Power pack. My oncologist told me that she only has about 4 months to live, but I have yet to believe that. Since I am not doing chemo, I thought that going down this route with the K9 Critical Care Power pack wouldnt hurt. She has been taking the pills for about a week now and she loves them! I am hoping that this Power Pack is able to give my precious puppy some added time to her life. I am very happy with this product thus far, so I am hoping for even better results in the future! 🙂 Will be buying from them again!” – Nicole R

This site was recommended to me by a friend, & I am so thankful.” – Tammy B

“The products are great and always come quickly. Thank you!” – Anonymous Customer

“Always very prompt , good packaging and very nice whenever I talk with you on the phone “ – Susan C

“This is my second time to order from you… first time was very satisfactory. In transitioning away from dry kibble, I am cooking for my puppers using Petmix. My guys LOVE their new food!”   – BJ

“As ALWAYS products that are actually good for your pet and the best customer care going!”  – Ann J

“Very easy to order, and our german shepherds benefit beautifully from this wonderful product K9 Daily Care that we call “candies”!”   – Dana

“Love K9 Critical Care and so does my dog” – DeAnn N

“K9 Critical Care is an amazing site with fantastic products. My dog has mast cell cancer, and we are so pleased with the grain free products available!” – Anonymous Customer

“This was a trial purchase to see if my diet-sensitive Am-Staff both liked and responded well to the food. The answer is a resounding Yes. You should hear the cry-baby anticipation while I measure out the food! I also like that we can make a large batch at once, or cook up one day at a time.” – Ellen L

“We have a chihuahua and a chihuahua mix, both doggies used to itch all the time until we changed to your food. It’s been 3 years and no itch no more skin problems. We love your products and the food is so easy to make. It’s inexpensive and healthy. Our Vet agrees. Thank you” – Eliana

“This food is the greatest and my dogs love it!” – Dana N

“Love this product. My dog has skin lymphoma and I swear it is the reason she is doing so well. Her Vet cannot believe how well she is doing but does not want to know the details. Can’t believe this doctors.”         – Cathy B

Our “Lil Guy”, a shitzu/pug mix has done very well with his tummy problems since he’s been on your your PETmix Original…..Thank you…..” – Roberson W

“I have been buying your products over a two year period and the service and product are always excellent.” – Anonymous Customer

“It is always a pleasure to have a reliable source. I never hesitate to recommend your products.” – Ann J

“My dog has anaplastic adenocarcinoma, diagnosed nov. with max. 3 months to live. She is doing great with no bloody discharge 9 months later. Get this stuff for your dog before you have a death sentence. Every day with my girl is a blessing. Thank you.” – DeAnn N

“My dog Sally had an emergency surgery on a few months ago. We found out she has hemangiosarcoma cancer. The vet said this type of cancer has a poor prognosis 2-6 months. Sally is going into her 4th month. I started her on the K9 Critical Care last month. She is doing really well, still goes on her long walks and does her therapy work at hospitals still. Her coat is even thicker than before. You wouldn’t even know she was sick. We took her on vacation to Carmel, and she had a wonderful time. So far so good. She loves the K9 wafers. She will remind us to give them to her if we forget. Sally has always been a picky eater so that is saying a lot when she loves to eat them. I just hope this continues and we are able to take another trip to Carmel soon. “ – Joan T

“I have never had a problem ordering and it is delivered to my door in a timely manner. I would recommend this company to any dog owner especially those who have pets with health concerns.” – Catherine C

“My little Bichon is a very picky eater and will go several days without hardly eating. Even so, I must hand feed him when he does and it is never more than 1/2 can of food. I depend on your product to help protect his immune system.” – Martha W

“My Yorkies and Toy Poodles really seem to enjoy this food and it gives me peace of mind knowing they are getting quality ingredients. I supplement their kibble with these mixes instead of canned food. Out of my 9 little ones only one picks at it, she somehow picks all the little carrots pieces out, lol. I am very happy with my decision to try the PetMex Supplemental Dog Food mixes and will continue to purchase them.”  – Karen

“We have two Boxers both seven years old now. Five years ago one had two mast cell tumors removed and since then we have been using several of K9 Critical Care products with no signs of reoccurrence with no other health issues. I highly recommend their extremely high quality products.” – Jon M

“My Gordon Setter and my Golden mix both love the Healthy Dogma make your own food system. We are happy knowing it is so good for them. Our dogs are beautiful and their coats so healthy and shiney. We are so grateful we found out about you guys. Thanks so much!” – Patty and Sam

“I love your company, my dogs love Healthy Dogma and I’m so thankful to have an American company, privately owned that I can help support. Thank you K9 Critical Care! I have recommended your products to all of my pet loving friends.”   – Anonymous Customer

“I have been buying from you since August, when my dog was diagnosed with cancer, and there has never been a problem. You fill and ship the orders so quickly, it is terrific. My holistic vet checked your products and felt there were equal to if not better than what she has.” – Donna L

“My rottweiler was diagnosed with bone cancer and it was suggested I put her to sleep asap. After 1 mo. on the critical care pkg the vet was surprised that her cancer has not advanced at all. I’m staying hopeful….” – Cheri B

As always, I cannot say enough about having a dependable source of supplements for the four-legged member of our family.” – Ann J

“I just ordered the K9 Critical Care Pack. I spoke to Dogma with some questions I had and received answers and other good information. I am hoping this helps my English Cream Retriever, Jasmine. She has had multiple mast cell tumors and I refuse to put her through torture with chemo or surgeries. She is fine now so this is an ounce of hopeful prevention.” – Margaret B

“Couldn’t be happier with K9Critical Care’s products. Along with his medicine, my dog’s cancer is going away and he’s getting better and better! :)” – Carolyn

“My 14yr old dog was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension and severe anemia and platelets.   After a month of specialists and antibiotics prednisone he was still failing fast and I thought I was going to lose him. I tried every food group to get him to eat but he was so weak. After a few day on Critical care one and the vitamins I have my boy back!! He is starving and more energetic and I can’t say enough how wonderful your products are. You have saved his life where the vets couldn’t) Bravo!!!
UPDATE!!! 2 weeks in. My dog is running and healthy and eating again, it’s really amazing. I recommend it to everyone!!”   – Karen

“It was very informative, I have a dog with lymphoma and he has gone through chemo. After 7 months his immune system was showing a little weak again so we decided to try something to boost his immune system rather that putting him through more chemo. shopping and understanding this site was easy.”            – Michele E

“Your products have saved my dogs life. THANKS!!!” – Mindi R

“Amazing results. Vet gave about two weeks for our beagle to live. Mass tumor wrapping around his spine and side. That was two months ago. Can no longer feel bump and he is acting like a 5 yr old dog.” – Wayne

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