PetMix Super Smart Assortment Pack Original, Skin & Coat, Nut & Berry, Super Green

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Now: $69.95
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Healthy Dogma PetMix™ Variety Pack

Why decide on just one flavor when you can get Four PetMix™

2 Pound Bags for a special low price?

For a limited time, get this convenient four-pack of PetMix for a doggone good price.  Featuring four favorite flavors - PetMix™ Original, PetMix™ Skin and Coat, PetMix™ Nut and Berry and PetMix™ Super Green - that are the easiest homemade (makes about 60 pounds) healthy foods, and your dog will love every bite.  

Give your dog a variety of tail-wagging tastes at a cost that won’t make you howl!


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