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Dog Immunotherapy Pack – 30 day supply

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Formulated for critically ill dogs

Our dog immunotherapy pack combines our two most powerful immunotherapy supplements to deliver the highest level of support to critically ill dogs.



Formulated for critically ill dogs

Our dog immunotherapy pack combines our two most powerful immunotherapy supplements to deliver the highest level of support to critically ill dogs.

How immunotherapy can work for your dog

Canine immune systems compared to human immune systems

The immune systems of both you and your dog have two levels of immunity; innate and acquired immunity. Innate immunity describes the immunity all mammals inherit from their genetics while acquired immunity is the knowledge an immune system gathers over time and exposure to bacteria, viruses and diseases.

As you may have noticed, dogs do not have the same hygienic standards as their human companions, leading them to further exposure to elements that damage the immune system. Dogs have no second thoughts about eating food off the floor or out of the trash. As you can see, this greatly increases a dog’s acquired immunity and arguably shows that the canine immune system is stronger than the human immune system.

But even healthy immune systems develop mutations. This is an unavoidable consequence of being alive. And while most mutations are destroyed by your dog’s immune system, some slip by undetected and can grow into damaging results. Or the cells are recognized but the immune response is not strong enough.

Given a dog’s strong immune system foundations, both their innate immunity and acquired immunity, it is often best to allow a dog’s immune system to handle the current problem they are facing. And when they need extra help, immunotherapy is a very good choice for your dog.

“Hello Healthy Dogma! I have been purchasing your products for the past 5 yrs, I started when my big old lab was diagnosed with end stage lymphoma. He began to have seizures and I was not going to let him suffer through those as my vet said nothing we could do. Being a biologist I asked if I researched herbal remedies would you support me? She gave me her blessing and I found your power pack, I rushed delivery and he never had a seizure again! Shortly after his passing I got a new rescue, and with the research I had done he was not going to eat mass market kibble. He has known nothing but  your freeze dried food! He loves it, and being from Maine when we can add moose meat he goes bonkers! Thank you for your fine products and your commitment to excellence.” — HD customer R.B.”

How to get started with dog immunotherapy

K9 Critical Care is the premier immunotherapy supplement for dogs, helping regulate your dog’s immune functions.

K9 TransFactor is a mother’s first milk supplement designed to boost your dog’s innate immune system function.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 3 x 3 in
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2 reviews for Dog Immunotherapy Pack – 30 day supply

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    My dog was diagnosed with lymphoma back in August and the recommended chemotherapy with the cost of $5000.00 and they said it would probably extend his life for 7-9 months. Unfortunately, I could not afford that so I chose just to keep him on prednisone and started him on your immunotherapy pack. I was told that with the type of cancer that he has, he would probably only live one to two months without chemotherapy.
    At my follow up visit in November, his mass was gone! Even the doctors were stunned!
    Unfortunately, his cancer has now come back. Once again I have started him back on your immunotherapy pack. I am hoping for some positive results again. I truly believe your product has given me 7+ months with my boy:)

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lori Miller

    My 10 year old German Shepherd was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in March 2017. I searched for ways to help him without putting him through chemo and amputation as I didn’t think he would do well with that. I came across healthydogma.com and soon after ordered the immunotherapy pack after I had done some research about this and other products out there. I just started giving it to him but within days I did notice his energy levels were so much better. He started feeling frisky and alert. I was also happy to see that they were chewable and tasty therefore making it so much easier to give to him. He ate them up without having to hide them in food or wrestle with him to get him to swallow them. I just offered them as a treat. I am so happy to have found the immunotherapy pack.

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